AFFINImeter new version!

Last week we announced a release of our new software: AFFINImeter for Spectroscopic Techniques.  Together with this release, we have also improved several aspects of the AFFINImeter software, see what is new in our new version:

1. As we have already mentioned, in this version included a new technique: Spectroscopy (and all its variants: UV-vis, InfraRed, Fluorescence, Circular Dichroism… among others)

  • Just upload new data, select Spectroscopy technique and follow the wizard to import your data.
  • Data must be uploaded in CSV format.
  • Create projects of Fitting and Global fitting with any model you want.

2. Recent activity shows you the latest modified/created files or projects of any technique


3. Now AFFINImeter will use the maximum width of your screen to show your data/projects, for a better experience using wide-screen monitors.

4. Navigation path visible in all views

Fixed problems:

1. Fixed recursively deleting a folder and its contents

2. More validations while selecting a model for NMR technique (and Spectroscopy also):

  • In NMR and SPEC, you cannot use a model that only contains A in its reactions. Now more here

3. Multiple minor usability improvements and performance tweaks.

4. Multiple bug fixes and issues suggested by our users have been implemented and resolved.


What does it look like to you?

It might look like a plain hat or an elephant being eaten by a boa constrictor, but actually, the shape of this curve looks like a typical spectrum of UV-Vis determined by changes in the intensity of this energy and also it represents the logo of our new software:

AFFINImeter for spectroscopic techniques!


Hence, we want to take this opportunity to launch AFFINImeter Spectroscopy software.

It is a new software for the processing and advanced analysis of binding isotherms obtained from different spectroscopic techniques: 1D-NMR, Uv-vis, fluorescence, circular dichroism, differential scanning fluorimetry…


…and from now on, you will be able to start using it:

Get a free trial

To get started, we have prepared some scientific material as an example of how to use AFFINImeter Spectroscopy:

We have prepared a special offer to celebrate the launch of AFFINImeter for Spectroscopic techniques.
Using this code coupon you will get a 25% off*, to buy through our online shop:


 You can also ask for a quotation here 
*The discount will be applied until 2018/03/03.

AFFINImeter new version!

During the last months, we’ve contacted you asking your opinion and experience with the software. Thanks for all your suggestions and needs we have improved the previous version of the software to make it easier, faster and more versatile.

What is new in this release?

  • In collaboration with Mestrelab Software, AFFINImeter can now analyze Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)  titration curves.

  • The Main toolbar has been simplified:

Data” & “Projects” have been merged into a single “Projects & Data*” menu

You can filter the elements to show by selecting “Projects & Data” (default), only “Projects” or only “Data“.

A new option has been included to easily pre-visualize the settings of your experiments directly from the list of data & projects.

The “Instruments” management menu has been removed.

*Data elements are represented by this icon –>  
*Projects elements are represented by this icon–> 


  • Now you can organize all your data and projects into folders:


  • Organize your data & projects as you would do on your computer.
  • Looking for your already existing KinITC data? Go to Projects & Data, and look into the folder “KINITC”.
  • A new parameter has been introduced to measure the quality of the FIT: Goodness of Fit

The GoF (Goodness of Fit) is the probability of finding the fitted value within a normal distribution with half-width equal to the uncertainty of each experimental point. The GoF for a curve is obtained as the mean GoF of all its points. The ideal value of perfect fit would be Gof=100%.

This parameter will be available when you execute a new FIT project/or re-execute an older project. If you visualize an already executed project, the previous parameter (χ 2) still will be present.

What have we improved from the previous version?

  • We have incorporated the possibility to perform blank subtraction right after raw data upload and processing.
  • Multiple minor usability improvements and performance tweaks.
  • Multiple bug fixes and issues suggested by our users have been implemented and resolved.


Try the new AFFINImeter here

Una spin-off de la USC, AFFINImeter, seleccionada por Google para participar en el programa Campus Remote Mentoring.

El Campus Remote Mentoring de Google potencia el crecimiento de nuevas empresas con sesiones de mentorship personalizadas, networking y acceso a nuevos mercados.

AFFINImeter es una spin-off de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela dedicada al desarrollo de software científico y metodologías para investigación química y farmacéutica en el campo de interacciones moleculares. Entre sus clientes se encuentran diversas farmacéuticas como Bayer, Roche o la filial farmacéutica de Mitsubishi además de prestigiosas universidades de Europa, Japón y Estados Unidos.

El pasado mes de marzo,  AFFINImeter fue seleccionada para participar en el exclusivo programa “Campus Remote Mentoring” de Google, una iniciativa orientada a irradiar la influencia  del campus de Google en Madrid para el resto de start up dentro del territorio español. El programa incluye una tutorización desde la sede de Google en Dublín, y se centra en mejorar aspectos relacionados con el Marketing on-line y la comunicación digital, con el fin de potenciar la internalización de la start up.

Paralelamente AFFINImeter ha sido seleccionada en el prestigioso programa de aceleración de ViaGalicia, promovido por el Consorcio de la Zona Franca y la Xunta de Galicia (a través de la Agencia Gallega de Innovación GAIN y la sociedad de capital-riesgo XesGalicia).

AFFINImeter fits with scientific publications


Recently we received the great news because AFFINImeter has been used and mentioned in some scientific publications.

The first one, It´s a review of the applications of Isothermal Titration Calorimetry from 2011 to 2015 . The author describes that:

“AFFINImeter produces commercial software that can be used for analysis of displacement assays, micellisation experiments, kinITC, the application of complex models for complex interactions and ligand-induced conformational change.” R. J. Falconer

Most of all publications have used KinITC method and the last one, the authors have used advanced tools like applying complex binding models or working with species distribution plot.


Press on the links bellow to take a look at the publications:

KinITC for TA and MicroCal Calorimeters – New version Release!

During the last months we’ve contacted you asking your opinion and experience with the software. Thanks to all your suggestions and comments we have improved the previous version of the software to make it easier, faster and more versatile.

What’s new in AFFINImeter?

  • Availability of KinITC for TA and Microcal data files.
  • Inclusion of Multi Temperature Analysis: Van’t Hoff and Eyring plots
  • The project management section has improved, now you can easily organize your projects in Folders/Subfolders and move them from one to another.


Easier, Faster and more Versatile!

In this new version you will find several changes adressed to improve the user experience of the software, adding more features, making it easier and faster to user, and more versatile.


Go to the software!

AFFINImeter Publications


During the last months we’ve been developing software and providing  support to PhD studends, Postdocs, GroupFacilities and Principal Investigators . Nowdays our  products are being used  by more than 500 research laboratories from 43 countries around the globe.  AFFINImeter is the only software that provides thermodynamic and kinetic information from a single ITC titration; now incorporates the automatic analysis of variable-temperature experiments.  AFFINImeter can handle Isothermal Titration Calorimetry data obtained from the Microcal (Malvern) and TA Instruments calorimeters and provides the most complete analysis of ITC data.

Here are some scientific publications obtained with AFFINImeter software

Take your research further with AFFINImeter
AFFINImeter: Simulation, advanced Data fitting and kinITC analysis.

New version with AFFINImeter KinITC Included

AFFINImeter is the most complete software for Isothermal Titration Calorimetry data Analysis. You can easily  build your own Binding Models or Perform Global Simultaneous Analysis of several Isotherms, among other features.

In this new AFFINImeter  version we have implemented KinITC, this is a new method to obtain kinetic information from Isothermal Titration Calorimetry Data. With one single titration experiment it calculates the kinetic constants (kon and koff) and the thermodynamic data (KD and ΔH) of 1:1 binding interactions.

AFFINImeter KinITC (soon to be released) offers a general solution for the smart and efficient analysis of the primary signal obtained from ITC experiments. This solution will include an automatic detection of outliers to remove the noise, the detection of the end injection time, the integration of the injection peaks and a preliminary analysis of the peak shape during the titration. The latter feature will allow to provide an estimation of the kinetic constants in the most typical cases where the experiment involves only the formation of 1:1 complexes.

Simulation, advanced ITC data fitting and Kinetics Analysis
Simulation, advanced ITC data fitting and Kinetics Analysis


Request an AFFINImeter Online Demo

AFFINImeter is a software designed to further exploit the potential of your Isothermal Titration Calorimetry instrument.

Contact us to request an Online Demo

We want to offer our help to guide you through AFFINImeter. If you are interested in the analysis of a particular ITC data and you don’t know which binding model you should apply or how to design it with AFFINImeter, do not hesitate to contact us!



Meanwhile you can consult our educational material (Videotutorial, Cases of Use, Notes and Webinars) in our Web Page or read the Tutorials and examples section.

Remember that as a launching promotion you can use AFFINImeter free during the first 6 months!

Direct reading of Microcal Origin OPJ files with AFFINImeter

Direct reading of Microcal Origin OPJ files with AFFINImeter

The direct reading  Microcal Origin OPJ files has been recently implemented in AFFINImeter. Initially, only OPJ files containing a single datasheet were allowed. Our code has just been modified to make possible the reading of OPJ files with multiple datasheets. Additionally the uploaded OPJ files are now being filtered to permit just the selection of datasheets suitable for analysis with AFFINImeter (i.e. datasheets of ITC isotherms). Some minor improvements that optimize this process have also been implemented.
Soon you will also be able to directly upload Microcal Origin itc files. In collaboration with our scientific advisor Prof. Philippe Dumas, from the University of Strasbourg, we are currently implementing a procedure to automate the integration of the raw ITC data, including removal of noise and baseline correction.