AFFINImeter Biophysical Services

“All models are wrong but some are useful”

George E. P. Box (1919-2013) British Mathematician


Seeking the structure and energetics of the molecules is bearing relevance the drug discovery field.
The biophysical techniques such us ITCNMRMST… are used to unravel many stages of the drug discovery process. Specifically, those are important in the early stages of the drug discovery where a thousand of compounds that may be potential candidates as a medical treatment, are tested.

Our aim is to help scientists whose research is relevant to the drug discovery field and bring to them our expertise on molecular interaction applying biophysical techniques. We truly believe that we make the difference in your research. For this reason, we want to present our services:




Binding Characterization

We use biophysical and computation methods for elucidating complex binding mechanisms.





Data Analysis

We have developed our exclusive tools for thermodynamic, kinetic and structural characterization of drug-target interactions.






Software Development​
We design ad-hoc analysis software to improve your workflow.





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