AFFINImeter-ITC is a friendly web-based platform designed to optimize, analyze and organize equilibrium Isothermal Titration calorimetry (ITC) experiments performed by different brands of calorimeters including Microcal GE and TA. All the features available in our general platform are also available in AFFINImeter-ITC.

In addition to some restricted binding models supplied by other companies: Sequential Binding, Single Set of Identical Sites, Two-Sets of Identical Sites, Competitive and dissociation of dimers; AFFINImeter-ITC offers an exclusive unlimited amount of general model families including:

Unrestricted Competitive Sequential Binding with no limitation in the stoichiometry of the binding model
Competitive Multiple and Independent Sets of Identical and Independent Sites
Dissociation of any chemical species including homogeneous n-mers, heterogeneous complexes and even micelles

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