New version with AFFINImeter KinITC Included

AFFINImeter is the most complete software for Isothermal Titration Calorimetry data Analysis. You can easily  build your own Binding Models or Perform Global Simultaneous Analysis of several Isotherms, among other features.

In this new AFFINImeter  version we have implemented KinITC, this is a new method to obtain kinetic information from Isothermal Titration Calorimetry Data. With one single titration experiment it calculates the kinetic constants (kon and koff) and the thermodynamic data (KD and ΔH) of 1:1 binding interactions.

AFFINImeter KinITC (soon to be released) offers a general solution for the smart and efficient analysis of the primary signal obtained from ITC experiments. This solution will include an automatic detection of outliers to remove the noise, the detection of the end injection time, the integration of the injection peaks and a preliminary analysis of the peak shape during the titration. The latter feature will allow to provide an estimation of the kinetic constants in the most typical cases where the experiment involves only the formation of 1:1 complexes.

Simulation, advanced ITC data fitting and Kinetics Analysis
Simulation, advanced ITC data fitting and Kinetics Analysis

What is new in AFFINImeter?

1.- Fully automatic raw data analysis including removal of noise, baseline correction and integration of injection peaks

2.- Calculation of errors in the molar heats and weighted fittings throughout normalization of chi^2. This allows comparing directly the quality of the fitting for different systems and improves the results for global analysis by providing the correct weight to each experiment.

3.- Automatic recognition of 1:1 interaction models, including (when it is statistically justified) a correction factor for the determination of active receptor concentration and molar dilution enthalpy (with no blank experiment required).

5.- Kinetic analysis: Quick determination of kinetic constants (kon and koff) from the raw data analysis of 1:1 interaction experiments. For this analysis it is highly recommended to save data with a period of 1 second instead of the default value provided by the ITC instrument. These parameters are expected to be comparable to those obtained throughout SPR experiments.

6.- Possibility of subtracting blank/reference experiments.

7.- Automatic report generation including high quality figures as well as accurate thermodynamic and kinetic parameters corresponding to the analysis of the raw data and the binding/dissociation isotherm. Plots for the species distribution, the contribution of each molecular complex to the binding/dissociation isotherm and the thermodynamic fingerprint, amongst others, are provided.

8.- The time required for the analysis has been reduced in up to three orders of magnitude.

9.- The quality of all the plots in the application has been optimized.

10.- The menu options have been redistributed to facilitate the access to the different functionalities.

11.- All plans have been changed to flat rates..

12.- Minor bugs have been corrected.

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