AFFINImeter Publications


During the last months we’ve been developing software and providing  support to PhD studends, Postdocs, GroupFacilities and Principal Investigators . Nowdays our  products are being used  by more than 500 research laboratories from 43 countries around the globe.  AFFINImeter is the only software that provides thermodynamic and kinetic information from a single ITC titration; now incorporates the automatic analysis of variable-temperature experiments.  AFFINImeter can handle Isothermal Titration Calorimetry data obtained from the Microcal (Malvern) and TA Instruments calorimeters and provides the most complete analysis of ITC data.

Here are some scientific publications obtained with AFFINImeter software

Take your research further with AFFINImeter
AFFINImeter: Simulation, advanced Data fitting and kinITC analysis.