Solving complex interactions with AFFINInimeter: Competing ligands binding to a multiple site receptor

Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) is a versatile technique with the potential of deconvoluting the various binding events that may coexist in complex interactions. In this sense, a major drawback has been the lack of mathematical models and computational tools to properly analyze such experiments. AFFINImeter counts with an advanced functionality, the “Model Builder” with which researchers can easily design their own binding models through the combination of distinct (coupled) binding equilibria, to obtain thermodynamic and structural information from complex ITC experiments.

Two Competing ligands binding to a receptor with two sites

As a demonstration of the potential of AFFINImeter and its “Model Builder”, the analysis of an ITC experiment involving a receptor “M” (biomacromolecule) with two different binding sites (s1 and s2) that may accommodate two competing ligands (“A” and ”B”) is presented here.

Download complete case here: Competitive Binding case of use