The stoichiometric equilibria approach.

Following the last part of this course, we want to introduce the second fitting approach that can be performed with AFFINImeter:

The Stoichiometric equilibria approach.

This approach uses binding models based on equilibria between stoichiometric species and yields stoichiometric binding constants. In AFFINImeter, traditional and tailored stoichiometric binding models can be easily generated with the “model builder” tool.
Stoichiometric binding models are applicable to a great variety of complex interactions like:

  • A ligand binding to a multi-site receptor with known stoichiometry, where the sites can be independent or cooperative.
  • Competing ligands binding to the same receptor.
  • Oligomerization.

….among others.

The appropriate design and use of binding models in AFFINImeter pass through an understanding of the nomenclature that the software uses to describe the species located in the calorimetric cell and in the syringe.
In the following link you can visualize a quick video about the Nomenclature of the Model model builder:

Nomenclature of Model Builder.

The last video of this course is about how to use the stoichiometric equilibria approach to perform an individual and global analysis.

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