New agreement: Mestrelab Research & AFFINImeter

Mestrelab Research and Software 4 Science Developments-AFFINImeter have agreed to enhance the use of advanced analysis of binding isotherms from 2D-NMR titrations. For this reason, all users interested to acquire a Mnova Binding license will benefit from a free annual license of AFFINImeter- NMR.

Mnova Binding is a powerful tool that automatically processes 2D HSQC type of protein-ligand titration spectra, tracks the peak movement and computes the Kd‘s for multiple peaks.

AFFINImeter for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance allows the advanced analysis of binding isotherms from 2D NMR titrations to measure binding constants (KA). Use it to:

  • Simultaneous upload and processing of 2D titration spectra.
  • Automated peak tracking of stacked spectra.
  • Automated generation of binding curves.
  • Easy exporting of binding curves into AFFINImeter-NMR.

More info here: Start using AFFINImeter-NMR