AFFINImeter es una spin-off de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela que se dedica a desarrollo herramientas de análisis basadas en técnicas calorimétricas para su aplicación en las primeras fases del desarrollo de fármacos. Actualmente AFFINImeter ofrece software y servicios a empresas como Pfizer, Novartis, Lilly o Moderna, así como a muchas de las universidades más prestigiosas del mundo. Además, AFFINImeter es socio de consorcio MOSBRI (MOlecular-Scale Biophysics Research Infrastructure) financiado por la Unión Europea para promocionar el acceso a técnicas biofísicas a la comunidad científica europea.


  • Realización de experimentos de Calorimetría de Titulación Isotérmica (ITC) y otras técnicas biofísicas (Uv-vis, Fluorescence, NMR, etc…)
  • Apoyo en el diseño y validación de una base de datos biofísicos.
  • Asesoramiento científico a clientes internacionales y prospección comercial.


  • Contrato indefinido a tiempo completo.
  • Incorporación inmediata.
  • Salario bruto ~22K -26K€
  • Posibilidad de realizar tu doctorado industrial.
  • Posibilidad de teletrabajo


  • Licenciados/as en Física, Química, Bioquímica o Biotecnología.
  • Nivel alto de inglés, oral y escrito.
  • Iniciativa y autonomía en el trabajo.
  • Se valorarán conocimientos de programación y diseño de base de datos.
  • Disponibilidad para viajar.

Envía tu Curriculum y carta de presentación a info@affinimeter.com

KinITC: Transforming the ITC roles in Drug Discovery.

Since the kinetic information is the more relevant thing to look at in drug discovery, a typical question comes to our minds:

Which technique should we choose to get kinetic information?

This question doesn´t have an easy answer because many factors should be taken into account to make this decision, but lately, one technique is rising up: Isothermal titration calorimetry and more specifically, the KinITC method developed by P Duma et al [1].


In AFFINImeter we have implemented the KinITC method that is making possible the measurement of binding kinetics, kon and koff rate constants, through the analysis of the thermogram (s) obtained from a traditional ITC experiment (s). (more…)

Open position: Finance Controller

We are looking for an experienced and well-rounded Finance Controller to be part of an energetic team dedicated to improving our highly innovative scientific software and services. This role will be based in Santiago de Compostela and it is an excellent opportunity for a passionate professional willing to reach the next level in his/her career.

You will report directly to the CEO and support him in Treasury and Cash Management, Cash balance forecasting and develop business plans & financial projections. Analysis and support preparation of all recurring finance activities, providing financial analysis to support decision making.

The main responsibility of the Finance Controller is to develop and manage strategies, operations and policies related to the treasury function, including cash management, borrowing, and payment processing. This role will be also responsible to establish relationships with banks, payment gateways and other external funding sources.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Finding public and private sources of funding.
  • Develop business plans including financial projections. Coordinate and direct the preparation of the budget and financial forecasts on a quarterly and annual basis.
  • Participation in the design and implementation of a KPI information system for all areas of the company, operational audits, cost/benefit analysis, information services, document management systems and procedures, reporting and other systems management functions.
  • Develop, improve and issue monthly financial records.
  • Be the point of contact for any accounting/control related issues and queries.
  • Manage the financial close process.
  • Act as a key resource provider to the auditors for annual audit and for all the non-trading companies and other financial institutions
  • Improve financial status by analysing results; monitoring variances; identifying trends; recommending actions to management.
  • Other duties as necessary International start-up specialised in scientific software.

Background and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance. CPA/ACCA/MBA or equivalent preferred.
  • 8+ years of experience, 3+ in a senior position in an analysis or senior financial accountant’s level, preferably in software companies and/or startup environments.
  • Independent worker and analytical thinker with the ability to conduct research, data analysis and resolve complex problems.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • A “hand’s on” business partner attitude is required; who enjoys challenges and thrives in a demanding environment. Ability to handle multiple tasks concurrently.
  • PC skills with Microsoft products with advanced Excel capabilities.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Fluent English level.
  • Openwork environment with young, dynamic and outstanding international teams.

We offer:

  • Salary: based on interview, bonuses.
  • Real ownership and results.
  • And a competitive, friendly, international team!


Please contact staff@affinimeter.com


New agreement: Mestrelab Research & AFFINImeter

Mestrelab Research and Software 4 Science Developments-AFFINImeter have agreed to enhance the use of advanced analysis of binding isotherms from 2D-NMR titrations. For this reason, all users interested to acquire a Mnova Binding license will benefit from a free annual license of AFFINImeter- NMR.

Mnova Binding is a powerful tool that automatically processes 2D HSQC type of protein-ligand titration spectra, tracks the peak movement and computes the Kd‘s for multiple peaks.

AFFINImeter for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance allows the advanced analysis of binding isotherms from 2D NMR titrations to measure binding constants (KA). Use it to:

  • Simultaneous upload and processing of 2D titration spectra.
  • Automated peak tracking of stacked spectra.
  • Automated generation of binding curves.
  • Easy exporting of binding curves into AFFINImeter-NMR.

More info here: Start using AFFINImeter-NMR



Open position: Chief Operating & Financial Officer (COFO)

Founded in 2013, Software 4 Science Developments (S4SD) is a leading cloud computing service provider of scientific software AFFINImeter, with more than 1.000 users including the biggest pharmaceutical corporations and research centres and Universities. The company is headquartered in Santiago de Compostela.

We are looking for a COFO to manage the planning and business functions, as well as the overall operations of the company. In addition to general responsibility for financial planning and controls, personnel administration, systems and physical facilities, the COFO should plan for the changing needs of the organization, share responsibility for strategic planning, practice management, and marketing, and contribute to aligning organizational structure with strategy. The COFO will lead and direct the operational and administrative functions of the firm, including accounting and finance, human resources, facilities, conflicts, and records management. This person will be a member of the firm’s Executive Committee.

The COFO supports the CEO in:

  • Matters of strategy and business development, coordinating the different areas of the company.
  • Providing strategic support through facilitating or advising strategy development while demonstrating foresight, conceptual capability and environmental market awareness. The COFO should manage the leads acquisition and integration for short and long-term strategy development.
  • Development and management of transverse projects of transformation (digital, organization and processes), ensuring the constant simplification and growth of the business. Management of internal communication related to the transformation activities.
  • Managing the corporate agenda, including the various internal/external committees and boards.
  • Constant relation to Shareholders & Senior Management.

The COFO is responsible for:

  • Finding public and private sources of funding.
  • Financial Management: Including planning, forecasting, budgeting, variance analysis, profitability analysis, financial reporting, general ledger accounting, billing, cash flow control, banking relationships, tax planning, tax reporting, trust accounting, payroll, and other financial management functions.
  • Human Resource Management: Including recruiting, selection, training and development, performance evaluation, budgeting and salary administration, employee relations, benefits administration, workers’ compensation, job design and other human resource management functions.
  • Systems Management: Participation in the design and implementation of a KPI information system for all areas of the company, operational audits, cost/benefit analysis, information services, document management systems and procedures, information storage and retrieval, litigation support, and other systems management functions.

Required skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree and preferably an MBA
  • 8+ years of experience, 3+ in a senior position as a Chief Operational Officer and/or Chief Financial Officer, preferably in software companies and/or startup environments.
  • Competencies skills: Used to working in international environments. Results-oriented, strategic thinker and planner. Teamwork. Communication and interpersonal skills. Synthesis and presentation skills. Time management and ability to prioritize. Hands-on proactive attitude. Analytical. Creativity. Proficiency in English / Native Spanish

We offer:

  • Salary: based on interview, bonuses
  • Real ownership and results
  • And a competitive, friendly, international team!

Please contact to staff@affinimeter.com