AFFINImeter new version!

Last week we announced a release of our new software: AFFINImeter for Spectroscopic Techniques.  Together with this release, we have also improved several aspects of the AFFINImeter software, see what is new in our new version:

1. As we have already mentioned, in this version included a new technique: Spectroscopy (and all its variants: UV-vis, InfraRed, Fluorescence, Circular Dichroism… among others)

  • Just upload new data, select Spectroscopy technique and follow the wizard to import your data.
  • Data must be uploaded in CSV format.
  • Create projects of Fitting and Global fitting with any model you want.

2. Recent activity shows you the latest modified/created files or projects of any technique


3. Now AFFINImeter will use the maximum width of your screen to show your data/projects, for a better experience using wide-screen monitors.

4. Navigation path visible in all views

Fixed problems:

1. Fixed recursively deleting a folder and its contents

2. More validations while selecting a model for NMR technique (and Spectroscopy also):

  • In NMR and SPEC, you cannot use a model that only contains A in its reactions. Now more here

3. Multiple minor usability improvements and performance tweaks.

4. Multiple bug fixes and issues suggested by our users have been implemented and resolved.


What does it look like to you?

It might look like a plain hat or an elephant being eaten by a boa constrictor, but actually, the shape of this curve looks like a typical spectrum of UV-Vis determined by changes in the intensity of this energy and also it represents the logo of our new software:

AFFINImeter for spectroscopic techniques!


Hence, we want to take this opportunity to launch AFFINImeter Spectroscopy software.

It is a new software for the processing and advanced analysis of binding isotherms obtained from different spectroscopic techniques: 1D-NMR, Uv-vis, fluorescence, circular dichroism, differential scanning fluorimetry…


…and from now on, you will be able to start using it:

Get a free trial

To get started, we have prepared some scientific material as an example of how to use AFFINImeter Spectroscopy:

We have prepared a special offer to celebrate the launch of AFFINImeter for Spectroscopic techniques.
Using this code coupon you will get a 25% off*, to buy through our online shop:


 You can also ask for a quotation here 
*The discount will be applied until 2018/03/03.