CALCON 2014, 69th Calorimetry Conference

Dr. Juan Sabin, a member of our scientific department, will participate with an oral presentation at the 69th Calorimetry Conference (Santa Fe, NM 2014) to describe the main features of AFFINImeter like the “model builder”, an easy-to-use tool with which researchers will design their own binding models, the “global fitting” of a series of isotherms or the analytical tool to explore possible “local minima” generated from the fitting procedure.

He will show how AFFINImeter opens up new possibilities for the application of the ITC technique such as:

  • Thermodynamic Characterization of ligand induced conformational changes.
  • Competitive binding models with high order complexes.
  • Quantitative analysis discrimination of ligands in heterogeneous mixtures (i.e. isomers, heteropolymers…).
  • Accurate analysis of ultra low-affinity or ultra high affinity complexes.
  • Characterization of binding processes with no restriction in the stoichiometry.
  • Micellization studies to obtain the aggregation number, enthalpy and Gibbs energies of micelle formation.
  • Global simultaneous analysis of isotherms (i.e. global analysis of curves from direct and reverse experiments).

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