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*The promotion is available until May 31st and applicable for all AFFINImeter Advanced plan (ITC and/or Spectroscopy) which duration is equal or greater 1 year. The advanced account includes Global fitting, access to complex binding models, Kinetic information (KinITC tool available for AFFINImeter ITC), orthogonal approach (Multitechnique analysis available in AFFINImeter Spectroscopy)...




Don’t miss the AFFINImeter black Friday deal!


Don’t miss the AFFINImeter black Friday deal!

This Black Friday our Scientific Staff puts their expertise at your service to perform a complete analysis of you ITC data.

From 27-11-2015 to 30-11-2015

AFFINImeter Black Friday



  • Send us an email of interest  to with the subject “AFFINImeter black Friday deal” and our Scientific staff will contact you to learn about your particular problem.
  • We will use all the potential of AFFINImeter to get kinetic and thermodynamic information of your interaction: KinITC, advanced binding models and global fitting.
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Treat, No Tricks! 10 hours of ITC data analysis consulting for Free

Treat, no Tricks!

As a launching promotion 10 FREE hrs of data analysis consulting are included into your advanced plan. 

  • This advanced plan includes unlimited technical support relative to the use of AFFINImeter.
  • 10 hours of data analysis consulting  relative to your particular interaction system and data. Each hr is valuated in 120€ and during this launching promotion these are for free.
  • Remember that the current Free trial promotion includes 2 hrs data analysis consulting.


ITC data analysis contest – New submission Date

A few days ago AFFINImeter launched an Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) data analysis contest. At this point no one has been able to finish the challenge, eventhough there is a considerable amount of participants. Since the main goal of the contest is to give all our AFFINImeter users an educational tool to get experience in the process of ITC data analysis.

Therefore, we would not be satisfied if some of you ran  out of time. For this, we have decided to extend the contest deadline to January 31st

Join the Challenge

We encourage all people interested in molecular binding analysis, not only based on ITC data but also on any other experimentaltechnique, to participate in this challenge. If you are an expert in the analysis of thermodynamic data this is a nice opportunity for you!

Find the best combination of model & parameters for the target data and win a Kindle Fire HD 7 just sending us your results.

tablet kindle fire HD7
Isothermal Titration Calorimetry Data Analysis Contest

If you are a beginner in the analysis of ITC or, in general, of binding experiments, this challenge is also perfect for you since it will give you the opportunity to learn how to analyse actual ITC measurements. Our scientific team has selected some really interesting experiments and prepared some instructions that will guide you in the analysis process.

Learn the difference between stoichiometric and site equilibrium constants

By trying to solve this contest you will learn the difference between stoichiometric and site equilibrium constants, you will see how to easily perform a global analysis of several isotherms, and even how to find the, eventually unknown, concentration of active protein in a given experiment. Sign up HERE  and you will get free access to AFFINImeter. Please, do not hesitate to encourage your labmates to join us. People from the whole world are already participating!

Download Poster here